IT poradenství a Google Workspace

Free services

I offer corporate clients and groups free hour-long presentations on G Suite.

G Suite Trainings

If you want to improve your work with G Suite (Gmail, Contacts, Hangouts, Google Disk/Docs, and Google Calendar), then I look forward to the day when I can serve your city with an English G Suite trainings. No English event dates are planned not, but check back here in the future or let me know.

G Suite (formerly Google Apps)

As an authorized Google Cloud Partner, I can help you with G Suite implementation. User trainings are an integral part of these implementations. These trainings take place at the client’s site. The implementation pricing varies widely depending on the user count, client demands, and difficulty of data migration. An analysis of the current state and of client demands precedes each G Suite implementation. I’ll provide you with a price and timeline calculation based on that analysis. You only decide on my services after you see that analysis.

To give you a general idea of the costs of migration and G Suite training, take a look at the sample offer for a 20-employee company.

If I ever offer you a G Suite migration without a training afterwards, please give me a good slap, tell me to kiss off, and contact my competition. Migrations without education lead to dissatisfied customers who don’t use the product 100%, and a migration that’s slower and more expensive for everyone involved. My priority is a satisfied client, not making money at all costs.

Customized IT Consulting and Trainings

I offer individualized consulting and trainings, built to order for my client, via an hourly subscription.

My current hourly rate (as of 1.1.2020) is EUR 200 plus VAT

My per-diem charge for on-site work is EUR 100/day for Czech sites.

Terms and Conditions

  • Before the consulting itself, I will inform you of the approximate time demands.
  • My minimum consulting period is one hour. This hour may be consumed over multiple sessions.
  • All prices are listed without VAT.
  • I am a VAT payer.
  • This pricing is valid from 1.1.2020.
  • I reserve the right to future pricing changes.

Interested in my services?

Contact me and I will write up a quote for you. Asking about my services does not obligate you in any way.

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