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I’ve had Pavel Minář as my IT consultant countless times, and each time I’ve been 100% satisfied with his work. I’ve been working with computers for a good 25 years, and my jobs definitely were not simple. But despite this, Pavel tackled them with A+ performance each time. When his first recommendations didn’t work, he didn’t give up—he worked with other experts until he solved the problem. Pavel Minář is a dream IT consultant. No exaggeration!
Robert Vlach – business consultat and founder of Na volné noze freelancers portal
From the very first, what I appreciated with Pavel Minář was his flexibility – his readiness to accommodate our needs. As a learning institution, we switched to Google Apps during summer vacations, and we needed introductory trainings in August, before the school year started. It was all last-minute from us, but Mr. Minář found a date and made it work. The training took place in a very pleasant and creative atmosphere. There were skeptics among us who didn’t want to let go of Outlook, and made that very clear at first. But during the seminar they thawed, and two days later when they had had time to work with the new system, they called to thank me. What I appreciate most about Pavel is—besides his utterly professional, accommodating approach and his field knowledge—how he thrills his listeners, and gets them on his side. During one afternoon, he molded several people’s stances towards their work with email and data storage, and brought their thinking miles ahead.
Ing. Jana Králová, principal, Židlochovice Elementary School
I’ve known Pavel Minář many years, and several times I’ve had the chance to talk with him about Google Apps. I haven’t used his services yet, but he’s already helped me in this area (even though I’m a technician) with tips that have made my life easier. Thanks to that, I have zero doubts about his knowledge in this field, and since I also know him as a person, I can warmly recommend him.
Bc. Daniel Dimitrov – web developer and consultant specialized in Ruby on Rails
I chose Pavel based on references on the portal. They didn’t lie. So I’d like to add one of my own, and say that we chose perfectly.

It’s clear that Pavel has mastered not only Google Apps, but also other tools for managing enterprise workflows. Pavel’s key benefit is that he can correctly analyze and evaluate companies’ needs, and set up individual tools to meet them.

What I appreciated most with Pavel was his reaction time, which was, you could say, “instant.” Thanks to that we could switch to this platform quickly, and we became capable of using these tools during just one training. I’ll definitely be using Pavel’s services in the future.

Peter Giertl – producer at SLAVICA Productions
I know Pavel from the think tanks at the Na volné noze freelancer portal. We also sometimes meet at other educational and coworking events. Pavel is a very friendly, open, communicative person, who’s simply fine to have in my life. One reason for this is the fact that he’s willing to do anything to, say, save your lost work-email password, or get your business’s administration organized using a custom plan based on Google Apps. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such professionality, integrity, and high-quality information, including real-world applications for it. Pavel, thanks for everything. You make my life easier!
Mgr. Nina Hanáková – English teacher specialized in bookless teaching
I had the pleasure of working with Pavel Minář for over three years. Together we led the software division of ZONER software, a.s. During that time, Pavel showed himself to be an exceptionally systematic, careful worker with enormous drive in his work. Thanks to his initiative, we defined workflow problems in the company, slashed and stabilized costs, and ensured our technical needs (HW, SW, internal systems, CRM, support, e-commerce, etc.) were completely covered from start to finish. As technical director he could harness his rich experience as the development team head, giving him an undeniable positive influence on existing and new products and services at ZONER software, a.s. Completely reliable, meticulously careful, in work and in life. I’d never hesitate a second to rely on him in any situation.
Jaroslav Kucek – software division director at Zoner Software
What could be improved in the Google Apps trainings by Pavel Minář? I can’t think of anything. But the truth is, when we heard how long our training would last—on a Saturday too!—I expected it would be boring. But then the day just flew by. His technique interested me; by that I mean his entertaining format and human approach.
Marcela Heřmanská – Multitrans CZ s.r.o.
What I liked about the Google Apps training by Pavel Minář was the practicality of the information and the tie-ins to other software and Android. And also his entertaining real-life stories that helped fix things in my mind. The atmosphere at the training was great, and Pavel played a large role in that.
Bc. Tomáš Bloudek – universal workman and builder specialized in bathroom and apartment remodeling
Petr AndrásekWow, the first “inbox zero” in my life (normally I have around 150-200 emails a day), thanks to moving everything to gmail, and thanks to a training by Pavel Minář. Epic. I can go to sleep before midnight!

Thank you, Pavel!

Petr Andrýsek – Chief Shark at social media agency Socialsharks
Pavel Minář organized a selection procedure for a graphics supplier, where Vertigo participated. Even though we didn’t win, it was my pleasure to take part in it, because the requirements were very well-written. I’ve seen far too many shoddy or amateurishly written competitions in our line of work. This was not like those. And his respecting the timeline for announcing results also put him above the rest. If that’s how he does everything, then I’m confident that his outputs are very good.
Ing. Radomil Dojiva – CEO at Vertigo
I can richly recommend Pavel Minař and his Google Apps trainings. The training was prepared perfectly, led excellently, and maximally customized to our needs. Although I had been thinking about attending a training for a long time (IT is not my best friend), when I took the leap and wrote to Pavel, I knew immediately from our communication that I was leaping in the right direction. And that knowledge was confirmed over time—my work with e.g. Gmail has become many times better. Thank you, Pavel.
JUDr. Jindřiška Šulcová – patents deputy for copyrights,consultant for intellectual property rights
Pavel Minář provided our migration to Google Apps followed by a training for our employees. I’ve been to many trainings, but none other has given me so much practical information, in such a human and funny way, as this one here. Everything promised was delivered 100%, with some great bonus experiences on top. :-) Pavel is a pure professional. If you’re thinking about migrating to Google Apps, I recommend him hands down.
Rostislav Peníška – CEO at
Pavel is my #1 when it comes to using smartphones, cloud solutions, and IT overall in a way that makes it work with us, not against us. I’ve had the chance to use his services several times. It’s great to get advice from a man who knows what’s up.
Ing. Mira Vlach – project manager, trainer and consultant
Honestly – this Gmail training by Pavel Minář was the bomb! After this training I felt: when I quit Outlook tomorrow, I’ll know what I’m getting into, and won’t be spending those beginners’ hours figuring out “how it all works” and “what it’s all for.” I’ve never learned so many great details and tricks about how to use software in so little time. The training saved me hours of self-teaching and trial-and-error.
Ing. Michal Vintr, Ph.D. – consultant, trainer and product reliability/safety expert
Pavel Minář is a entertaining, reliable, and very helpful man. I’d like to recommend Pavel to anyone who’s battling with any kind of IT problem. He’ll have the best solution for you right there on the spot. He’ll also give you recommendations for practical ways to improve your work that you would never have dreamed of. I’m very thankful for the patience that he has shown with me and my absolute beginner’s questions.
Ing. Olga Rochowanská – stylist and clothing consultant
I’m not a computer expert, so I asked Pavel Minář to implement Google Apps at our company and train our staff. What I really have to thank him for is how he proved to me that not every IT guy is a loony. The training and everything around it were great. Simply professional!
Jakub Gajda – ecobuilding, wood building and log cabin specialist
Pavel Minář is an extremely reliable and organized person. I don’t know anyone with quite the sense for time management that he has. I know Pavel as a fair-minded man who does his (and others’) work with full involvement and verve. As a result he emphasizes meeting timelines, and punctuality, reliability, and care… always precious qualities, more so today.
Milan Mareček – photographer
Martin MacháčekPavel Minář trained a total of thirty of our employees in Google Apps. These were mostly salesmen, but also administrative and operational staff. Pavel is a real professional, who prepared a highly customized Google Apps training. Since it made our employees more effective and their work more organized, we regained the training costs immediately.
Martin Macháček – CEO at DAMEDIS
Lukáš KillarWhen I visited a training on Google Apps by Pavel Minář, whole new possibilities for my company opened up to me. So I then arranged a migration and employee trainings with him. His Google Apps training had a professional yet friendly atmosphere. I also appreciate his help with applications and the side issues that appeared. Now we all enjoy the possibilities of Google Apps and look forward to the feature news that Pavel regularly sends.
Lukáš Killar – Dimatex – textile recycling specialists
Andrea GrigerováTogether with Pavel we organized two Google Apps trainings for our non-profit, the Pastelka family center. The trainings were flawlessly executed, with abundant practical information delivered in an engaging, even entertaining way. Pavel has, besides his IT experience, a real sense of humor, good presentation skills, and a sense of participants’ “vibes” and their level. We learned a lot of new information—and not just about Google Apps. His trainings are definitely worth it.
Andrea Grigerová – Pastelka family center
Pavel Minář first joined ZONER software as a developer. Shortly after that, he began leading the team working on our “Zebra for Windows” graphics editor, and later our Zoner Photo Studio digital photograph manager. Within just months from his arrival, he became a key employee. Pavel showed exceptional adherence to moral principles and company loyalty. He didn’t hesitate to invest his full energy and free time into completing projects on time; this helped us to better coordinate marketing activities surrounding our product releases. Pavel built up a stable development team that had had practically zero fluctuation under his leadership for over 10 years. During his years at ZONER software, he acquired and expanded a wide range of abilities and capabilities, including programming in several new languages, and managing development and design teams.
Roman Slavičinský – COO and co-founder, Zoner Software
After a series of questions, I knighted Pavel Minář as my persoinal IT consultant. He always makes time, listens patiently, and comes to the most appropriate solution. And if I don’t like that solution, he’s flexible and finds another. I can with a clear conscience recommend him as a great expert and as a person who is always willing to help.
Kateřina Kalačová – British Council Brno, head of branch

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