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One of my IT consulting activities is G Suite (formerly Google Apps) trainings for enterprise clients (Gmail, calendars, shared documents, online cooperation, etc.). This is incredibly fun for me. For one thing, I’m a fan of new technologies. For another, contact with real people and real problems is a pleasant change compared to sitting all day in front of a computer. And as a friend of mine said: if you really want to master something, go teach it.

A few of my friends came up to me saying they needed help with Google Apps. I promised them I’d think about writing up a public course. If you’re interested in a similar course, keep reading.

Update: The first Gmail training in Brno was a huge success (see the attendee evaluations below), and so I’ve arranged new dates in Brno and Prague.

Google Apps

I don’t have any English training dates set… yet. But please contact me, and we can work out an individual training in English. Have some Czech friends you want to help out? Show them the Czech training dates here.

During the last 11 years, I have led 722 Google Workspace trainings with a total of 7123 participants.

Participant Feedback

I can richly recommend Pavel Minař and his Google Apps trainings. His training was prepared perfectly, led excellently, and maximally customized to our needs. Although I had been thinking about attending a training for a long time (IT is not my best friend), when I took the leap and wrote to Pavel, I knew immediately from our communication that I was leaping in the right direction. And that knowledge was confirmed over time—my work with e.g. Gmail became many times better. Thank you, Pavel.
JUDr. Jindřiška Šulcová – patents deputy for copyrights; intellectual property rights consultant
Honestly – this Gmail training by Pavel Minář was the bomb! After this training I felt: when I quit Outlook tomorrow, I’ll know what I’m getting into, and won’t be spending those beginners’ hours figuring out “how it all works” and “what it’s all for.” I’ve never learned so many great details and tricks about how to use software in so little time. The training saved me hours of self-teaching and trial-and-error.
Ing. Michal Vintr, Ph.D. – consultant, trainer and product reliability/safety expert
You… you!!! Your training yesterday really lit a fire under my ass. I spent the whole morning after that adjusting my Google Apps settings, and even adding some little enhancements. It’s all going to take some time, but my first feeling from Zero Inbox is: damn, that’s good!
Petr Kincl – network specialist and administrator
Why did I even go to this training ;-). Now I’m lost to Outlook. I’m switching completely to Gmail. Thanks – it was super.
Pavel Lasák – author of a blog on Microsoft Office
I found this training fun, and it gave me a lot of new information. I spent most of my time sitting with my mouth open at what all it can do. But above all, this was a day very pleasantly spent.
Vojtěch Černý – process engineer


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