IT poradenství a Google Workspace

I offer solutions to computer problems. I answer your Internet and computer questions with jargon-free responses made for human beings. I help companies implement Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), so that these companies, and each person in them, can achieve more. I organize open, individual and company Google Workspace trainings.

I’ve had Pavel Minář as my IT consultant countless times, and each time I’ve been 100% satisfied with his work. I’ve been working with computers for a good 25 years, and so my tasks definitely were not simple. Despite this, each time Pavel tackled them with A+ performance. Pavel Minář is a dream IT consultant. No exaggeration!
Robert Vlach – founder of freelancer portal Na volné noze
I’m not a computer expert, so I asked Pavel Minář to implement Google Workspace at our company and train our staff. But what I really have to thank him for is how he proved to me that not every IT guy is a loony. The training and everything around it were great. Simply professional!
Jakub Gajda – ecobuilding, wood building, and log cabin specialist

IT Consulting

  • Know every detail about your field, but nothing about IT?
  • Convinced that IT suppliers are out to cheat you?
  • Having trouble picking hardware or software to match your goals?
  • Have a broken computer, and no idea what to do?

Google Workspace

  • Want to have your whole office – from schedule to contracts to invoices to documents – with you everywhere you go?
  • Have a smartphone that’s only getting used for calls and games?
  • Is your monitor full of stickers (passwords, todos, meetigs dates)?
  • Switch to Google Workspace!

Did you answer YES?

If you answered Yes to one or more of the questions above, contact me for an informal conversation about solutions.

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